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Obedience is an AKC recognized canine performance event that demonstrates teamwork between the owner and the dog, as the dog follows various commands both on-leash and at liberty. Basic obedience training includes walking with the owner in heel position at various speeds, sitting in heel position, staying in a sit and down position for a period of time and coming when called. As the team advances, the training will include retrieving a dumbbell on the flat or over a jump and clearing a broad jump. More advanced training will include scent work, use of hand signals, directed jumping and directed retrieves. A well-trained dog is a happy dog and will be a great canine partner both in the house and outside and basic obedience training can be the first step to that great partnership.

Rally is a fun way to demonstrate your dog’s talents and the teamwork between you. It’s a perfect starting point for those who are new to canine sports, as it is less rigorous than other competition sports.

Obedience and Rally at BOTC

BOTC holds a weekend of obedience and rally trials in Chittenden County each November. This weekend event is open to the public and is a great place to see dogs performing at the various levels of obedience: the basic obedience level recognized by AKC, the CD or Companion Dog level; the next level, which is the CDX or Companion Dog Excellent level, and the highest level, the UD or Utility Dog level. The premium list will be available on this website in September. The Champlain Valley Kennel Club, a local all breed club, usually offers a weekend of AKC obedience and rally trials during their annual dog show weekend. These events are also open to the public.

BOTC holds classes on an irregular basis in the various levels of obedience which are open both to members of the club and, if space allows, to non-members. There are several independent dog training schools in the area which also offer obedience classes at all levels.
BOTC holds regularly scheduled practice sessions in obedience which are open to all members of the club. A representative from the club sits on the Training Council for BOTC and is responsible for scheduling times and locations for members to practice obedience exercises with their canine partners.

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Getting Started in AKC Obedience
Getting Started in AKC Rally

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